The maid and the maggot

One sunny, late September morning, in Little Langford, a maid went out to forage for nuts in the woodland behind her house.
She filled the basket to the brim and took the short walk back to her cottage, where she washed and prepared them ready for eating.

Just as she got to the last one, she spotted a hole in it. She peered inside and as she got close, out popped the white head of a tiny maggot.

She screamed, dropping the nut on the floor. But the maggot seemed unfazed by the fall and started to crawl away.

The maid took off her shoe and was about to squash the maggot, but she just couldn’t do it, it was just too cruel.

Instead she scooped it up into a box and left a few nuts for it too eat.

Later that day, when she returned to the box, the nuts were all gone and all that was left was a fat little maggot.

Oh dear, she thought. What can I feed you now? She found some stale old bread and left it in the box and went to bed.

The next morning, on her return to check on the maggot, the bread was all gone and she was pretty sure the maggot had grown.

This went on for some time, the maid leaving food for the maggot, with the maggot growing all the while, eventually out growing the box and the house, she had to put it in the stables outside, with the horses.

This was a terrible idea, the maggot was hungry and growing after all, those poor horses never stood a chance.

The maggot grew and grew until the maid ran out of things to feed it. One evening there was a loud crash outside and when the maid went to see what was happening, all she saw was the maggot eating what looked to be the remains of the stable door.

Oh no! Thought the maid what have I done?

But it was too late for the maid, as the maggot had already spotted her and before she knew it, swallowed her whole.

The maggot continued with its feeding rampage and dissappeared into the woodlands.

When the maids father discovered what had happened, he gathered up a hunting party of villagers, who went to the woods to find and destroy the maggot.

They found it in a clearing picking bits from its teeth, using a sharp pointy rib bone, possibly that of a large bull.

The maids father pointed a spear at the maggot and threw it. His aim was perfect but the maggot was just too large. The maggot screached with rage and bolted through the woodland, dragging the poor old man along the floor with it.

He must have travelled several miles before the maggot ran into a great oak tree and stopped stone dead.

As a reminder to all who lived at little langford, never to feed tiny maggots, for fear they may become monsters, the villagers chopped down the great oak tree and had the local carpenter turn it into a huge door for the church. 

Author: The Homegrown forager

Wiltshire, UK based. I live with my wife & daughter, dog, lovebird and chickens.

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