Stingy jack

Stingy Jack, was a drunken trickster who invited the Devil for a drink. True to his name, when the time came for the bill to be settled, Jack didn’t want to pay.
Instead, he offered the Devil his soul in exchange for paying the bill. The Devil agreed and turned himself into a coin that could be used to pay the bill.

Jack snatched up the coin and pocketed it with his crucifix, keeping the Devil from returning to his true form.

He made the Devil agree that he would not take his soul for the next 10 years, and upon agreement, Jack released the Devil.

10 years later, the Devil arrived to collect Jack’s soul. Jack made one last request – an apple from a nearby tree. The Devil agreed and went off to climb the tree. Meanwhile Jack placed crucifix’s all around the tree, preventing the Devil from climbing back down.

Jack made the Devil agree to never take his soul to Hell, and upon agreement released the Devil.

Eventually Jacks drinking took its toll and he found himself at Heavens gates. But God would not allow entry for Jack, due to his life of deceitfullness.

So Jack wondered off to Hell, where the Devil refuses to take him in, due to their prior agreement and the Devil still being upset with Jack for the tricks he had played. Instead, he sends him off into the night with nothing but a hollowed out turnip with a hot, glowing coal to light the way.

Jack’s lantern is sometimes seen, as he roams the earth, looking for a place to rest his soul.

Author: The Homegrown forager

Wiltshire, UK based. I live with my wife & daughter, dog, lovebird and chickens.

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